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Male Infertility

03 Jul Male Infertility

Inability to concieve after marriage is not an uncommon phenomenon. Infact as many as one fourth of all couples in todays times strive to have children. Couple infertility has two components, the male factor and the female factor. It was traditionally thought that the female partner is usually responsible for couple infertility but the real fact is that as much as half of it is due to the male factors. While there are lot of facilities for the ladies to get evaluated male factor evaluation is still a challenge due to a relative paucity of available andrologists. Male factor infertility is governed essentially by the semen parameters and men need to have atleast 20 million sperms in their semen per ml of which half should be preferably motile. It is interesting to know that many of the causes of male factor infertility are curable if the right approach is followed and thorough evaluation is done.
Prevention of male infertility has a huge role to play. Here are some things that you can do to prevent male factor infertility:
  1. Keep it loose: Temperature of the scrotum must be 2 degrees less than the body for optimal sperm production. Excess heat such as during driving, using a laptop, sauna abuse etc lead to impaired fertility. Even a recent fever can impair sperm production for months.
  2. Avoid substance abuse: Smoking, alcohol abuse and drugs can take a toll on sperm production. It is best to keep away from them as far as possible.
  3. Say no to Stress: Stress is possibly the biggest lifestyle risk factor of today. If we could weight each risk factor, stress as a risk factor would amount to all the other risk factors combined. Studies show that stress increases the reactive oxygen species level in the body which is very harmful when it comes to sperm damage and subsequent infertility. Stress reduction through various ways helps and has been proven effective in cases of poor seminal parameters
  4. Adopt an active lifestyle: Sedentary lifestyle brings with it many issues like obesity, hypertension ,diabetes and dyslipidemia which all affect fertility through various ways. Active lifestyle boosts our testosterone levels ( the hormone responsible for sperm production)
  5. Visit the right doctor: Male infertlity is a problem that is treatable in more than half the cases without any surgery or assisted reproduction. The right doctor to visit for such a situation is a qualified Andrologist. It is often seen that male factor infertility is evaluated by the Gynaecologist or the Infertility Expert but for optimal results you need to be seen by an Andrologist. There are numerous conditions where a gynaecologist may not be the right person to examine or evaluate you.



Dr. Raman Tanwar