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Know everything about Headache

Know everything about Headache

26 Dec Know everything about Headache


Headache is a common problem in day to day life . More 90 % people experience atleast one headache in his life time. Any pain located above eye brows upto the nape of neck is called headache.

Why do we get headaches ?

It is a very common misconception among general public that headache is because of gastric trouble like gas , bloating , acidity etc.  There is no scientific reason for gastric trouble to cause headache, it is mostly that both headache and acidity are linked to improper meal timings. The most common cause for headaches is migraine and tension type headache, which accounts for more than 90% of all headaches . Apart from this there are certain uncommon causes of headaches , but  are more risky , for example – Brain tumors , brain hemorrhage, blokage in blood vessel in the brain , brain infections etc .

Why do migraine and tension headaches occur?

Mostly migraines and tension headache happen because of wrong life style. Mental stress , untimely meals and sleep contributes the most . There are other less common factors like excessive heat and cold , chocolates , cheese, fermented foods, wines can also precipitate migraines.

Which is best doctor to be consulted for headache?

Doctor who specialises in diseases of brain and nervous system is the best doctor for headache. He is called as Neurologist.

When should a neurologist be consulted?

One or two episodes of headache which get better with sleep and after taking meals are usually not worrisome.

If a person requires pain killers medicines for headache  more than once a month , or if you have any of the following problems , immediately consult a neurologist

  • Unusually severe headache
  • worst headache of life
  • Headache which becomes very severe in minutes to seconds .
  • Early morning headaches.
  • Headaches associated with any of the following symptoms like unconsciousness, fever , vomiting , visual disturbance, numbness, weakness and in-coordination of muscles, change in behavior, mood etc.
  • Change in pattern or severity headaches.
  • Difficulty in working with headaches.

Can headaches be due to Eye problems ?

Headache due to eye problems are very unlikely . Eye problems mostly cause pain which is localised to eyes.

Can headaches  be because of sinus problems?

Pain due to sinus problems occur mostly when there is ongoing whitish or yellowish green discharge from nose and throat infection. That pain is mostly localised between the eye brows , over the cheek bones or behind the eyes . If you don’t have  running nose or throat infection , headache are not likely because of sinus problems.

How does a neurologist manage headaches ?

Headache treatment needs a detailed understanding of pattern , timings , frequency of headaches , any associated symptoms. Neurologist may ask for MRI of brain to look for other causes of headcahe like infection, clotting or tumors in side the brain. He may ask you to take a regular medication if headache frequency is high. He will ask you for life style management for effective treatment of headaches.


Dr. Kapil Agarwal
Senior Consultant & Head
Department of Neurology