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Doctor’s Day : A day for celebration and thought

Doctor's Day

01 Jul Doctor’s Day : A day for celebration and thought

Health professionals can sometimes be under-appreciated, but today seeks to combat that. First of July has been designated as Doctors’ Day in India and it’s the perfect opportunity to thank your own doctor or physician for their service. It is indeed important that both doctors and patients be made aware of the existence of this day and at the same time, of its relevance and significance in the larger context of healthcare in our country.

Our invaluable contributions in enlarging the reservoir of scientific knowledge, developing the number of scientific tools, and expanding the ability of professionals to use the knowledge and tools effectively in the never ending fight against disease and death. We are responsible for a wide range of our short and long-term healthcare needs such as sickness and health, screenings and immunizations, as well as the safe delivery of our precious newborns.

We have made great strides towards mother and child care. Over the past two decades, India’s infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate have dropped by over 50%. This has been possible due to the work of dedicated doctors and healthcare professionals. The medical profession is one of those rare professions that often works, both expectedly and unexpectedly, all days of the week and at all times of the week. Today is a day to rejoice and celebrate your hard work. A day for the multi-taskers of society who tirelessly work to serve the community by providing everything from healing to consoling.

Ours is not a job. It is a challenging commitment and service towards our society. Our interventions are necessary and imperative. We must have a holistic strategy addressing maternal health through short term solutions such as consultations and counselling, coalesced with long term solutions aimed at establishment, development and access of full-range preventive and affordable health care services. We must aim to prevent avoidable diseases and death for the mother and child, and reduce the burden on the already strained public health infrastructure.

Each one of us, either by choice or by chance, has been profoundly touched and our lives improved by a doctor’s compassionate nature and professional care. We are committed to ours and our society’s good health and well-being, and for this we should be grateful.

I thank you for your sacrifice, your service and for being there day and night.

Dr. Ragini Agrawal

By Dr. Ragini Agrawal

Backed by 27 Years of experience, Dr. Ragini Agrawal is the Clinical DirectorObstetrics, Gynaecology, Minimal Access Surgery & Cosmetic Gynaecologist at W Pratiksha Hospital. She is also the National Chairperson for the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) and is a member of several associations in this field.