Best Dietitian in Gurgaon - Ms. Hemani with 9+ Yrs of Exp | W Pratiksha Hospital
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Ms. Hemani Sarbadhikary

Dr. Hemani

Ms. Hemani Sarbadhikari

10 Years Experience


A competent professional with 9 years of experience in Clinical Nutrition & 7 years of experience as a diabetic educator.



MSC | DE | BE | Insulin pump trainer



1. Lifestyle OPD (Weight management )
2. Mother & Child Nutrition.
3. Renal Nutrition.
4. Diabetes & Insulin Mgt.
5. Pre& Post Operative Care.
6. Bariatric Nutrition
7. Oncology Nutrition (Chemo / post-op)
8. GI Nutrition.
9. Hormonal Nutrition
10. Bone Nutrition
11. Ketogenic Nutrition
12. Menopause diet education
13. PCOD Diet Counseling


  • Lifetime membership of IDA (Indian dietetic Delhi Chapter)
  • Lifetime membership of ADE (Association of diabetes educators Mumbai &       Delhi Chapter)
  • Lifetime membership of CSI (Celiac Society of India)
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