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The Department of Nephrology at W Pratiksha Hospital offers state of the art facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease including urinary tract infection, acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease including management of chronic kidney disease stage V or end stage renal disease.
The kidneys are two fist sized organs located in the abdomen toward the back, normally one on each side of the spine. The main function of the kidneys is to remove waste products and excess water from the blood. The kidneys process about 200 liters of blood every day to produce about two to three liters of urine. The kidneys also produce certain hormones that have important functions in the body like vitamin D, erythropoietin (EPO) and renin. With the loss of kidney function, there is an accumulation of waste and toxic substances in the body, that are normally excreted by the kidney.
Loss of kidney function also causes other problems such as anemia, high blood pressure, metabolic acidosis, disorders of cholesterol and bone disease. Kidney Injury may be acute or chronic.
Acute kidney injury. It develops rapidly, over days or weeks and usually develops in response to a disorder that directly affects the kidney, its blood supply, or urine flow from it. Acute kidney injury is often reversible, with complete recovery of kidney function although it may progress to chronic kidney disease.
Strategies for slowing progression and treating conditions underlying chronic kidney disease include the following:
  • Control of blood glucose: Maintaining good control of diabetes is critical.
  • Control of high blood pressure: It is recommended to keep your blood pressure below 130/80 mm Hg if you have kidney disease.
  • Avoid exposure to kidney unfriendly drugs.
  • Control your cholesterol well.
  • Watch your weight! People who are very obese are at higher risk of chronic kidney disease.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking has been found to increase the risk of progression of kidney disease.

Nephrology services by Kidney Healers in Gurgaon , Sector-56 @ W Pratiksha Hospital


  • Treatment of Kidney Failure by Life Style Changes or Medicines
  • Hemodialysis
  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)
  • Sustained low-efficiency dialysis (SLED)
  • Treatment of Kidney Stone in Gurgaon
  • Slowing Kidney Failure Progression – Comprehensive Management
  • BP Management
  • Diabetes Control – Reversing Serum Creatinine Levels there by slowing diabetic nephrology
  • Kidney Biopsy-Microscopic examination of kidney
  • Dialysis Facility in Gurgaon


Our Dialysis machines

Hemodialysis  Fresenius 4008s

Proven quality

The latest member of a long established and highly successful 4008 series

  • Advanced dialysis fluid circuit with highly-precise volumetrically controlled ultrafiltration
  • Consistently reliable hydraulics

Advanced treatment

High-quality HD treatment to protect your patient

  • OCM® (Online Clearance Monitor)
  • DIASAFE® plus (Dialysis Fluid Filter)
  • bibag® (Dry Bicarbonate Concentrate)
  • Single needle or SN Click-Clack
  • ISO-UF program

Operational efficiency

Cost effective use of resources

  • Easy, fast and intuitive handling
  • TDMS (Therapy Data Management System)
  • BPM (Blood Pressure Monitor)
  • CDS (Central Concentrate Delivery System)
  • Adapted flow
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