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Dengue in Elderly

Dengue treatment in gurgaon

29 Jul Dengue in Elderly

Dengue treatment in Gurgaon

Dengue is a neglected tropical disease that is increasingly affecting elderly patients. The cornerstone of management of dengue patients and prevention of dengue-related mortality is early diagnosis and recognition of clinical syndromes requiring intervention. However, diagnosis and appropriate management of elderly dengue patients may be delayed as they present atypically.

Fever may be the only symptom and leukopenia occurs less frequently compared with younger adults. The atypical presentation is likely due to age-related decline in immune function and altering disease presentation.

Dengue in the elderly population (60+) is associated with more severe comorbidities such as Chest and throat infections, Pneumonia, and Renal impairment, as compared to the high-grade fever, bone pain, and bleeding complications in the adult population. Strangely enough, the platelet count remains generally stable throughout the disease in the elderly. Diagnosis is highly symptomatic and intervention by a geriatrician is preferred.

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– By Dr Rupanjana Roy