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What are the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease? Following symptoms may indicate that patient may be having Parkinson's disease Tremors of hands, head, body etc. Slowing of movements in routine activities like walking , eating, dressing , bathing etc. Reduction of facial expression- decreased blinking of eyes, drooling of saliva...

Know everything about Epilepsy

What is  Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a disorder of brain , it is commonly known as 'seizure' or 'fits'. What happens in epileptic fits ? During epileptic episodes, person commonly looses consciousness , his body may become stiff / rigid , jerky movements can occur in  body , eyes...

Know everything about Headache
Know everything about Headache

Headache Headache is a common problem in day to day life . More 90 % people experience atleast one headache in his life time. Any pain located above eye brows upto the nape of neck is called headache. Why do we get headaches ? It is a very...

How to identify a stroke?

Stroke Overview Stroke means something which happens suddenly. The name ‘stroke‘ is used to describe a medical illness of brain in which either the blood supply to a specific part of brain stops or there is leakage of blood from the blood vessel within the brain....