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Breast Diseases & Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Talk: Myths & Facts

A quick snapshot of today's talk on BREAST CANCER: MYTHS & FACTS. A great day with lots of questions about #BreastCancer, we raised awareness for breast cancer and for the BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS!...

Breast cancer Bone Health
Breast Cancer & Bone Health

The bone health of a breast cancer patient/ survivor gets affected during the course of their treatment and if proper care is not taken, it can lead to more problems (increased risk of fractures) for them apart from their cancer. The usual reasons why bone health...

Breast cancer
High Fat Diet Increases Risk of Breast Cancer

Diet rich in fatty food might be very appealing to the palate and stomach but it can increase one’s chances of getting breast cancer. A study carried out at Michigan State University suggests that a diet high in saturated animal fats not only increases the chances...

Role of a Breast Cancer Husband

Western statistics reveal that nearly seven out of ten marriages touched by breast cancer do not survive and ultimately lead to divorce. With the incidence of breast cancer increasing in young Indian women, this problem will soon be evident here as well. In fact, during...

Breast Cancer awareness
5 Common Myths Regarding Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most misunderstood diseases and there are many myths & half – truths surrounding the disease. Whether it’s the symptoms to watch out for or the best age to get a mammogram, what you think of as fact may actually...

Is Smoking an Important Cause of Breast Cancer in India?

The last two decades have seen a dramatic shift in the smoking rates amongst Indian men & women. Smoking rates have fallen among Indian men but they have risen among women. In a recent study published earlier this year in the British Medical Journal and which...