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Breast cancer related FAQs answered by Dr. Rohan Khandelwal

19 Jan Breast cancer related FAQs answered by Dr. Rohan Khandelwal

Q:1 Is breastfeeding possible after breast cancer?

Ans: Breast cancer surgery can be of two types. If complete removal or mastectomy has been done, then Breastfeeding is not possible.

If Breast conservation surgery is done then theoretically Breastfeeding is possible if the patient conceives but radiation therapy after surgery does affect the ducts and can hamper feeding.


Q2: Is it possible to cure fourth stage breast cancer?

Ans: It’s not possible to cure stage 4 Breast cancer but it can be controlled for a reasonably long period (depending on the type of cancer and areas of spread) with chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.


Q3: Can an unmarried girl have breast cancer?

Ans: Breast cancer usually affects women between 30-70 years of age but it can affect younger, unmarried women as well. Therefore, even an un-married woman should not ignore a lump in the Breast.


Q4: Can broccoli cure breast cancer?

Ans: It’s always a good habit to eat healthy food during cancer treatment but there is no scientific literature to support that broccoli can cure Breast cancer.


Q5: Does stress cause breast cancer?

Ans: Although there is no direct link between stress and Breast cancer but women who are stressed tend to smoke and consume alcohol, which can increase the risk of breast cancer.


Q6: Why is breast cancer so lethal?

Ans: If Breast cancer has been diagnosed in the early stages, it is completely curable. It’s only when Breast cancer has spread to the rest of the body (stage 4) does it increase the death rate. Therefore it is imperative that Breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage.


Q7: What kind of food causes breast cancer?

Ans: Obesity is directly linked to Breast cancer and fatty and fried foods can increase the risk of cancer in women. Therefore it is advisable that a lady consumes a well-balanced diet.


By Dr. Rohan Khandelwal – Breast Cancer specialist in Gurgaon, Sec 56 @ W Pratiksha Hospital

Dr. Rohan Khandelwal - Consultant – Breast Surgeon (Onco-plastic)


Dr. Rohan Khandelwal (7+ Yrs Experience) is a trained Surgical Oncologist who specializes in Breast Surgery (Benign and Cancerous lesions). Breast Surgery is a neglected branch in our country and lot of patients are suffering because of that. With my extensive training in this field, I am trying to implement standardized treatment protocols in the field of Breast Surgery.



MBBS | MS | MRCS (UK) | FIBD (University of Maryland)